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Chafing Dish Rectangular 8qt.

Size: 8qt. Roll Top Holds 2 9X13" Pans Includes 2 6hr Sterno …

Chafing Dish Round 6qt.

Size: 6qt. Includes 2 6hr Sterno…

Kosher Small Meat Warmer Rental

Size: *36″H x 20″W x 25″D Can Fit 8- Sheet Pans Or 16 – 9″×13″ Pans …

Kosher Large Meat Warmer

Can Fit 12 Sheet Pans Or 24-9″x13″ 73″H x 28 3/4″W x 32 3/4″D…

6Ft Propane Grill

6Ft Propane Grill Propane Not Included…

4 ft. Fill n Chill Table

4 ft. Fill n Chill Table Skirt Included…

Washing Station

14-gallon water tank that is good for 50-80 washes until it needs refilling. The Sink comes without water and is quickly filled by a hose…

Bakers Rack

Size: Holds 20 Sheet Pans …